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Three omoshiroi (interesting) new flavours of mini Tirol chocolate have arrived! Clockwise from top left; Hokkaido Cheese, Purple Sweet Potato and ‘Air in’ Salt Vanilla. Hokkaido Cheese flavour is very, very cheesy! It’s a cheese biscuit covered in gouda-flavoured white chocolate. Purple Sweet Potato is intense, it tastes crazy. The ‘Air in’ Salt Vanilla chocolate has a cute airplane on top of the white chocolate square, inside it’s like Aero. Cheese-flavoured chocolate isn’t that unusual here; past Tirol flavours have included Otokomae (Handsome Guy) Tofu and Mitarashi Dango (sweet soy sauce dumpling). Design-conscious foodies can even create their own packaging for the mini chocolates, using their pix and deco!

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