No deco no life!





Unfortunately, none of these pics are my phone! Today, while shopping in Namba, I saw these cute phones on display to promote the art of keitai deco (mobile phone decoration). You can buy mini pieces to stick on your phone, such as sequinned ice-cream cones, teddy bears, strawberries, Hello Kitty faces, chocolate chip cookies, whipped cream, pink macaroons… they’re so cheap, you can adorn your phone from about 100 yen, or you can buy a set of pieces to cover your entire phone for about 2000 yen. My new fave Japanese magazine, Deco & Deco has page after page of phone deco, nail deco, makeup case deco, mirror deco, lipstick deco, men’s deco, face deco, pet deco… like its tagline says, “No Deco No Life!”

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