The fresh blossoms on this cherry tree caused me to nearly crash my bicycle into a parked motorbike, I was so excited to see them. (Cherry blossom season in Japan is more hyped than sumo and probably has more merchandise than Hello Kitty.) Although the Japan Meteorological Agency’s Cherry Blossom Forecast predicted sakura would flower on March 24, these were the first I’ve seen. (In Tokyo, they opened five days earlier than schedule, and the UK’s Daily Telegraph says global warming is to blame.) Cherry blossom season means spring weather, hanami parties (where you sip sake while picnicking under a cherry tree), catchy new J-pop tunes about sakura, the awesome cherry blossom KitKat and a fresh bunch of sakura-themed candies, potato chips, drinks, rice crackers, beer, McDonalds items… Every Saturday in Spring, Pretty Pretty Yum Yum will have Sakura Saturday, which will feature yummy, pretty-in-pink cherry blossom goodies.


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    beautiful !!!

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